What Stable size does my Horse or Pony need?

With so many different options for Stabling and Stable Sizes available, there are many elements to consider, however, the main priority is your horses’ welfare and ensuring that they are comfortable. 

In terms of Stable size, the British Horses Society recommends that as a minimum, stables must be big enough to allow your horse to turn around and lie down and get up comfortably. All passageways should provide sufficient room to enable horses to be led safely past others.





All horses are individual, and therefore may need a larger stable size above the minimum recommendations which are:

  • Large horses (17hh+): 3.65m x 4.25m (12ft x 14ft) 
  • Horses: 3.65m x 3.65m (12ft x 12ft) 
  • Large ponies (13.2hh+): 3.05m x 3.65m (10ft x 12ft)
  • Ponies: 3.05m x 3.05m (10ft x 10ft) 
  • Foaling box (horse): 4.25m x 4.25m (14ft x 14ft) 



Other things you need to consider are making sure they are kept as happy and healthy as possible whilst stabled.

Horses are herd animals and are generally best if they can interact, especially with their stabled field mates. This can be achieved with high bar partitions so they can still see and communicate with one another whilst they are in their own stables, or even for ponies there is the option of a half board partition. However, like people some horses prefer their own space, especially Mares with Foals and also Stallions. In which instance High Board partitions are a must to avoid causing any distress to them or their stable mates. For those in between, there are also Mixed Partitions, allowing interaction but also their own privacy too. These partitions are all available in Cheval Liberté’s Internal and Timber Stable ranges. 

Flooring should not be overlooked, this needs to be level and designed to drain urine away from the horse. Rubber matting is a great option for cushioning the joints and aiding hoof health. It also reduces bedding costs as you don’t need as much bedding if there is a protective flooring in place. 

If you have one horse stabled alone, maybe consider options such as a boredom breaker ball or lick, a radio and even a horse safe mirror, all may help reduce any undue stress.

Stable size needs to be appropriate to your horse size
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