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The best way to secure a Horse Trailer

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Buying a trailer is an investment, for which a lot of thought and consideration has gone into purchasing.  However, with the value of trailers increasing and ultimately the number of reported thefts rising, you need to ensure you safeguard your investment against potential thieves. 








The first, and most important recommendation to secure a horse trailer is to insure it. There are many insurance brokers who will insure your trailer. Some on it’s own with others adding it onto your towing vehicle or your horse policy. Make sure you read their terms carefully as each Insurance broker has different requirements to ensure your trailer is covered. For example, some stipulate you must have an insurance-approved lock to validate your policy. In addition, it is good practice to regularly review your valuation figure. It is also important to ensure your horse trailer is insured at the relative market value. This ensures that if you have to replace it you are not going to have to pay the difference.

Secondly, is the security aspect of which there are many options;

Hitch Locks and Wheel Clamps 

There are many locks and clamps available on the market to secure a horse trailer. Make sure you buy one which is approved by your insurance company and try to get one that is as noticeable as possible to try and deter an opportunist thief. The SAS Hitch Lock is suitable for many hitches, approved by insurance companies and is very visible! 

horse trailer SAS hitch lock

horse trailer SAS hitch lock


By having a tracker on your trailer means that there is a much better chance of it being recovered if it has been stolen. The police also look favourably upon this in aiding an investigation to find it.

Postcode on the Roof

By adding your postcode on the roof it makes the horse trailer easily identifiable by air, however the thieves would be unaware that this security device is in place. Adhesive vinyl letters can be purchased for a small price and applied by the owner to the roof of the trailer. This is a very cost effective method of aiding a successful recovery. 


Datatag is a great way of proving that the trailer belongs to you should it be recovered, and therefore not as easy for a thief to sell it on to an unsuspecting customer. 

Ground Anchors

By creating an anchor point in the ground you can secure your trailer with chains and a padlock.

Locking Wheel Bolts

Adding a locking wheel bolt on each wheel will secure a horse trailer and hinder any theft attempts. 


Security Post

A heavy duty removeable post could be installed Infront of the the trailer to attach it or block it in a confined space.

Never assume that if your horse trailer is hitched to the towing vehicle that it is safe. There are hitch locks, such as the afore mentioned SAS lock,  which can be fitted whilst the trailer is parked and also hitched. Obviously this is whilst the vehicle is stationary, it should NEVER be used in transit. 

In the unfortunate event that your trailer is stolen, report the theft as quickly as possible. By doing so, this dramatically increases the chance of it being successfully returned. If the trailer is sold on and is later identified as stolen, the purchaser is liable to return the trailer to its rightful owner.  


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