Internal Stables

Internal stables are Stable Frontages and Partitions designed to be installed into an existing barn. The Cheval Liberte internal stables enable agricultural buildings to be partitioned and converted into indoor horse stabling. Our flexible range is ideal for converting a redundant agricultural building into high quality internal equine housing, whether that be for personal use or as a revenue-earning decision. Indoor stables are a popular choice for livery yards, veterinary practices and all keen equestrians.

Our range of internal stabling is unrivalled for strength, durability and practicality in design and construction. The erection of the frontages and partitions is straightforward and will cause minimum fuss and disruption. We offer standard and bespoke sizes. Our extensive knowledge and experienced installation team mean we always provide a stable layout that optimises your space. All our customers are valuable to us, whether it’s one replacement front, a couple of stables or a brand new livery set up; we work with every customer personally and effectively.

We have two key ranges of Internal Stables, Club and Prestige. Each of the ranges is made up of various styles of frontages to suit your horses, budget and aesthetic preferences. Both ranges provide exceptional strength, durability and unbeatable practicality in assembly, installation and operation.

  • Club range presents longevity and functionality at affordable prices.
  • Prestige range provides the ultimate in internal horse stables and gives your stables class and distinction.

All our Internal Stables are available in pressure treated Pine wood, Oak or Denya hardwood or coloured recycled plastic.

Accessories for our Internal Stables

To ensure that our stables don’t just look great but also offer maximum comfortable and convenience  we offer a wide selection of accessories. These can be configured to ensure that the individual stables meet the needs of both owners and horses. See more details of our stable accessories.

Installation Service

Here at Cheval Liberté UK, we pride ourselves on offering affordable, bespoke internal stabling that makes optimal use of any potential space!

Give us a call to discuss your project today.


What is the delivery time on Cheval Internal Stables?

How quickly we can deliver your new internal stabling will depend on the time of year and if we hold stock of the design that you require. We hold a large stock of the most popular internal stable partitions and frontages in the UK.  If it is not in stock then availability of the components and raw materials can affect the speed with which we can supply the products. We always suggest that you give us a call then we can give you a more exact time.

How much do internal stables cost?

The cost of internal stabling can start from as little as £1000 if you just want a simple frontage and partition in the corner of a existing building and you install it yourself. This can go up to tens of thousands for a more complex project for housing multiple horses.

Prices for many of our partitions and frontages are shown on this site in our catalogue. Select the material, width and number of stable panels that you think you need and add them to your shopping basket to get an indication of the total cost of your project. You can then request a more detailed quote or contact us to discuss the details.

What are the options for feeders with Cheval Internal Stables?

Our internal stabling can be supplied with a number of options for feeding. Some are shown below. See more details on our stables accessories page or contact us for more information.

What type of door bolts are standard on the internal stables, and can I select other options?

As standard our Club internal stables, with hinged doors, come with a sliding bolt at the top and a kick bolt at the bottom. This is similar on the Prestige however the top bolt is recessed.

Does my horse need a stable?

A well-constructed and maintained stable can offer your horse a place of safety that it finds comforting as well as protection from the weather.  It also enables you more control of your horses’ diet and their environment. Ultimately the requirement for a stable depends on the preferences and needs of your horse. Read more in our blog post here.

Can I put feed in without opening the door?

Our Club Range Internal Stables come with a feeding hole in the front panel as standard. This is the perfect width for feeding buckets to be hooked onto, or for dropping hay into hay mangers to allow for feeding from outside the stables where necessary.
It also makes a great pop hole for a quick goodnight kiss!

Feed hole in Internal Stables

Do you need planning permission for internal stables?

With internal stable you aren’t actually building a new infrastructure and this often tricks people into thinking planning permission may not be necessary. One thing you must be aware of is the need to declare a change in use. Unfortunately, stabling does not easily fall into the category of permitted development rights, that agricultural buildings generally do.

“A change of use of land or buildings requires planning permission if it constitutes a material change of use. There is no statutory definition of ‘material change of use’; however, it is linked to the significance of a change and the resulting impact on the use of land and buildings. Whether a material change of use has taken place is a matter of fact and degree and this will be determined on the individual merits of a case. If planning permission is required for change of use, there may be permitted development rights which allow change of use without having to make a planning application.” GOV.UK, 2019.

Horse Image


Pine infills in internal stables

Pressure-Treated Pine

  • Timber 40mm thick as standard
  • Framed with galvanised metal to protect it from daily wear & tear
  • Properties that resist termites, fungus, moisture and other elements that promote rot and cause structural degradation.
  • Natural, neutral & classic appearance. Can be painted for a unique look.
  • Most economical option
  • Sourced from sustainable forests of eastern Europe. Their cooler climate encourages slow growth and so offers superior strength and durability in the timber. 

Internal Stable in Recycled Plastic - Prestige Range

Recycled Plastic

  •  Resistant to acids and salts
  •  Exceptionally low maintenance
  •  Fully washable
  •  Environmentally friendly – made from high grade recycled plastic and fully recyclable.
  • Free of toxic chemicals and don’t have to be treated with environmentally harmful protectants
  •  Available in a range of colours – black, brown, green and grey.
  • Very strong and durable, ‘kick’ resistant!

Internal Stables in Oak, Prestige range

Oak or Denya 

  • Very traditional and exquisite in its appearance
  • Lasting investment thanks to their durability
  • High-quality wood
  • Timber 40mm thick as standard
  • Framed with galvanised metal to protect it from daily wear & tear, can be supplied painted in a wide range of colours to add a personalised touch!
  • Sourced from sustainable forests of eastern Europe. Their cooler climate encourages slow growth and so offers superior strength and durability in the timber. 


Customer Feedback

Five Stars

Fantastic service and really easy to deal with. Product available straight away so delivery was very prompt and in line with my needs. Stable so easy to install and looks amazing. My new pony is very happy in his new house Thank you

Suzie Waterfall


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