Timber Stables – What makes Cheval Liberte Stables different?

With many external Timber Stables on the market, it’s hard to decide which are the best for you and your horses.

There are a few main advantages of Cheval Liberté Timber Stables which set them apart from the competition. 

Galvanised Steel Frames 

Firstly, the wooden stables are constructed using galvanised steel and not timber frames. By using steel the stables are heavy duty and will withstand the test of time, compared to wood which can warp and rot.  In addition to the frames, all of the infills are encased in steel and have steel sections within the infill board for added strength and durability. 

Steel frame stables

Solid wood

The pressure treated pine is 40mm thick tongue and groove timber from top to bottom. Therefore there is no need for kick boards, which horses can start to chew on or eventually kick through.


They don’t have to be Timber! 

Despite the name, the infills can actually be recycled plastic! With a 32mm solid thickness, the plastic infills are equally as durable and are available in 5 different colours.

Fibre Cement Roof

Due to the stronger steel frames, the stables can hold a fibre cement roof which is far more durable than the commonly used bitumin and steel roof sheets. Available in a range of colours, additional benefits include noise reduction so they don’t make any noise in the wind & rain. They also have health advantages as they don’t create as much condensation as other roof sheets. 

No need for bricks 

Most other timber stables need a foundation brick wall to strap the buildings to. The Cheval Liberté stables can be secured by drilling straight into the concrete, making installation much quicker and cheaper. This also makes adding on or even removing stables much easier.

Convert a Field Shelter into a Stable

You can easily convert a Cheval Liberte static and mobile Field Shelter, or even other manufacturers shelters, into a stable by using our Stable Frontages. 

Easy DIY installation

Pre-assembled for easy installation meaning many customers can install the stables themselves. 

Optional Extras

There are a number of optional extras available which can be incorporated into the deign and layout.

  • Various configurations are available in a standard row, back to back, or  L and U shape blocks.
  • Timber Stables back to back
  • Add an enclosed tack / feed room or incorporate an open wash bay for optimal usage. 
  • Powdercoated Steel adds a bespoke and personal touch.
  • Integrated swivel feeders and Hay racks which can be filled from outside the stable reduce feeding time and risks by entering each stable. 
  • Powdercoated steel and integrated swivel feeder
  • You can choose between Fully Boarded or High Bar frontages or even the prestige range frontages. 
  • Exterior Plexi Glass Windows and Shutters add more light and increase ventilation.
  •   plexi glass windows provide ventilation
  • Extended overhangs, perfect if your stables are facing the prevailing wind and rain. 
  • Haras detailing is available with a decorative band around the panels and additional curved plating on the top door.

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