Field Shelters

Timber Shelters are a quick and cost-efficient way of providing much-needed shelter for your horses. We supply both static and mobile field shelters, built using thick, slow-grown, pressure-treated pine. The horse shelters are finished with a galvanised steel roof and 1m overhang. Easy assembly using screwboards, with all screws and fastenings included, you can have your field shelters up in a few hours.

Static Field Shelters

Cold winds, driving rain or hot sun, a static field shelter can provide much needed protection for your horses. Affordable, and available in a range of designs; our Static Shelters are a great addition to any paddock. Not just designed for Horses, our durable Static Field Shelters are suitable for horses, donkeys, goats or any other smallholding livestock. 

Mobile Shelters

Mobile shelters can be a great asset, as they do not require planning permission. Due to their flexible positioning, there is no need to plan their final location either. As a temporary solution, where plans have not been finalised, or just to provide comfortable cover for your horses when they are on temporary accommodation land, this could be the ideal solution. You can even convert the units from animal shelter kits into stables with our optional stable doors.

*Please note, due to increased manufacturing costs, we have had an unforeseen price rise on our Field Shelters, therefore the price online may not match that printed in third-party publications or sources. We apologise for any inconvenience, we still offer extremely competitive prices and industry-leading value for money. 

Self Build Field Shetlers

Quick and cost-efficient self-build field shelters for your horses.


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How much does a field shelter cost?

Our basic field shelters start in the region of £1000. This includes all the instructions for on site installation and delivery to mainland UK. We can supply larger more complex shelters custom designed to your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

Do I need a field shelter?

A field shelter is necessary to provide protection from the elements for your horse or other animals. They provide shelter from the rain and wind. They also provide vital shade on hot sunny days for your horses to stay cool and allow some relief from flies. If your horse is spending any significant amount of time in the field, then a field shelter is a must.

Are Cheval field shelters only for horses?

Our field shelters are suitable for horses, donkeys, mules, goats, even llamas and alpacas! They are safe and comfortable for pretty much  any animal you keep outdoors.

Do Cheval field shelters have a base?

Our field shelters do not have a base or floor built in. They can be located on any area of solid level ground. If desired you can have a base laid by local contractors and locate the shelter on that.

Can I buy the field shelter as a kit and assemble it myself?

Yes! Our field shelters come with complete instructions and fastenings included, allowing for quick and easy assembly using screw-boards. See our post on Self-build Stable Kits.

Do you need planning permission for a field shelter?

The need for planning permission for a field shelter will depend on whether the stables fit within the permitted development criteria of your local area. You may need to contact your local planning authority (LPA). You can read more in our blog post Do I Need Planning Permission For Stables?

99% of the time you will not need planning permission for a mobile field shelter as it is not a permanent fixture.

Where should I place my field shelter?

It is generally recommended that you face the field shelter away from the prevailing wind. You can set up a windsock or weathervane or even just stand in the field and face into the wind to see the wind direction. Obviously, you will need to do this over a number of days and even in different areas within the field to determine the patterns in your area.

If possible, it is advisable to place the field shelter against a hedge or adjacent building. This will also act as a wind break protecting the field shelter further.

Position the shelter so it is well away from gates and fences if possible. This will make cleaning out easier and there will be plenty of room for horses to get in and out freely.

Try not to place the field shelter in an area that floods or gets very wet during the autumn and winter months the most well drained area is better if possible.

If you choose a mobile field shelter you can move it periodically away from the muddy areas. When you move your mobile field shelter always anchor it back down in its new position.

What is the delivery time on a Cheval field shelter?

How quickly we can deliver your field shelter will depend on the time of year and if we hold stock of the design that you require. If it is not in stock, then availability of the components and raw materials can affect the speed with which we can supply the shelter. We always suggest that you give us a call so we can give you a more exact time.

Can I turn a Field Shelter into a Stable?

The simple answer is yes!

We can add stable frontages and partitions to create a stable within your existing field shelter, we have even added a bespoke front to our mobile field shelter as shown below.

Horse Image

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Delighted with our recent installation, friendly, fast and courteous staff. Great quality stables that enhance the look of the yard. Would certainly recommend.

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