Self-build Stable Kits

Buying a stable as a self build kit can be an option worth considering if you have suitable people and skills readily available, especially during busy times of the year.

Why self-build your stable?

Installing a new stable is an investment and it is important for the quality and longevity of the building, that corners are not cut. Choosing to purchase a quality stable and build it yourself can save on the installation cost without loosing out on quality. Cheval Liberté offer the option to have a stable delivered in pieces to build yourself, or employ a local contractor to construct. 

In addition to saving money, constructing your own stable can save time. Depending on the time of year, stable suppliers often have a waiting list to install stables. Choosing to have a stable delivered and to build it yourself ensures that as soon as it arrives construction can begin, cutting back on any wait time.

Planning permission

When any permanent building is constructed, you need to get planning permission beforehand. Horse and Hound has a helpful article on how to go about obtaining planning permission for your new stables. We always advise you to contact your local planning authority (LPA) for planning permission guidance and costs as it varies between Counties.

Whilst not essential like planning permission, it is a good idea to let any neighbours know about your plans. Keeping those living nearby aware of your construction plans and any potential noise and large deliveries helps to keep a friendly relationship.

Tips for self-building

Stable construction guide

Internal Stable Construction Guide

When deciding which stables to order, there are many options to consider. The size, shape, and addons such as windows, grilles between stables, all need to be thought through. Choosing the best option for you and your horses will save time and hassle in the future. This is doubly important if you plan to expand the stable one day. Knowing how you want to expand the stable will allow you to choose options that will make this quick and easy when the time comes. 

Before any construction begins the stable will require a base and foundations. Getting these installed professionally by local contractors will ensure the longevity of the stable. 

Horse and Hound has an excellent article on things you might consider before self building a stable.

Why Cheval are the best choice for a self-build stable

Cheval offers the option to self build any of our internal stables, field shelters and even some of our simpler stables. We recommend that you do not try to self build structures like our American Barns due to their size and complexity, although the option is there.

We can offer a free measuring-up service to help you select stables that are most suitable for your needs in size and design. Our experts offer advice on the most suitable layout options that will help you optimise the space. 

Internal Stabling Arriving

Internal Stabling Arriving

Once you have decided on the stable for you, our stables arrive pre-assembled as complete panels with all the fittings needed to connect the frontages with the partitions or the shelters included. We also supply all the floor bolts needed for internal stabling so all that is needed is a floor drill and a hammer. The only thing that the customer needs is the bolts to connect the top of the panels to the walls. These are not provided as best choice of fitting is dependent on the structure that they will be connect to, such as blocks, steel columns or wooden pillars. We are happy to discuss and advise on this.

We offer a great variety of high quality stables. These all come with treated wood, and unlike many other wooden stables, ours have a galvanised steel frame, and fibre cement roof sheets which gaurantee the longevity and quality of the building.

All our internal stabling, American Barns and external stabling are designed as modular buildings. This means that it is easy to modify and extend our stables to add additional space or update the layout as requirements change.

If you choose to self build a stable, we will deliver it fully checked and ready for easy installation. This includes comprehensive construction guidelines. Click here to see an example of some construction guidelines.


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