What is a Horse Power Plate, and how will my horse benefit from one?

As Molenkoning’s official distributor for the UK, we offer a unique Vibration Plate specifically designed to aid equestrian rehabilitation and overall well-being.  

Molenkoning’s Power Plate uses whole-body vibration (WBV) to encourage improved size and symmetry of equine back muscles, which has been scientifically proven to enhance performance, prevent injury, and promote recovery. 

The benefits of vibration therapy for humans have been long studied, with the earliest research dating back to 1867; Gustav Zander created a series of weights and pullies to study the effects. Today, it is used by NASA astronauts to prevent bone loss. So how does this traditional human therapy work for horses?

There are several benefits to introducing Vibration Therapy into your equestrian routine.

  • Regenerates bone density – Horses are put through vigorous training leading up to and during the competition season. Increased bone strength is pivotal in minimising the risk of skeletal problems. WBV is proven to regulate bone maintenance and stimulate bone formation.
  • Non-invasive treatment – Vibration training is a non-invasive treatment that can aid the treatment of soft tissue injuries, joint soreness, Laminitis and Navicular Syndrome. It has a documented positive effect on Osteoporosis and Silicosis. 
  • Shortens recovery process- Recovery, especially of tendon injuries, can be reduced significantly as WBV stimuli provide a rest for the muscle tissues whilst still stimulating the nervous system. 
  • Helps with Colic – Researchers have noted that horses have seemed more relaxed during vibration therapy, as stress is a contributing factor to equine colic; relaxing horses may reduce the risk of colic.
  • It Burns fat and helps maintain the condition – Vibration uses energy and burns fat, meaning it is ideal for maintaining condition whilst your horses are stabled.
  • Helps with warm-up & cool-down- Effective warming up and cooling down is essential for will help to minimise muscle stiffness and loss of range of motion. A power plate encourages effective muscle stimulation and is perfect when time is limited for the rider. 

A Molenkoning Horsepower Plate is a versatile training device for your horses to improve overall health and well-being. We’re on hand to assist with any further questions you may have, so please do get in touch!

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