A Cheval Liberte Field Shelter: The Perfect Paddock Addition

With the glorious weather we are currently experiencing, many horses are enjoying longer turnout! However, as we appreciate this much-needed break from rainy weather, it’s easy to forget that the hot sun can bring as many, if not more, issues for horses if they are not provided with quality and effective shelter.

Horses in Field Shelter

A perfect addition to any paddock, our Cheval Liberte Field Shelters are a quick and cost-efficient way of providing all year round protection from the elements, so come rain or shine, your horses has the protection they need!

Unlike many on the market, our Field Shelters are manufactured to last. Built using thick, slow-grown, pressure-treated pine and a galvanised steel roof with a 1m overhang, the material’s longevity is significantly improved. Easy assembly using screwboards, and with all screws and fastenings included, you can be assured of a sound, easy to build structure that offers a safe haven for your horses. 

3 Reasons to get a Field Shelter

  1. All Year Round Use. Come rain or shine; a field shelter can provide much-needed protection from the elements.
  2. Easy Installation. Quality materials and with all the screws & fastenings included, building your shelter is simple.
  3. Low investment. Comparatively, field shelters are a very affordable stabling solution.

Still not sure if your horses really need paddock shelter? Blue Cross share important things to consider for field-kept horses regarding sheltering and lots of other things.

What Field Shelter to get?

We have a great price on our Cheval Liberte Classic Field Shelter

3m x 3m – £715 +vat

3m x 5m – £925 +vat

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