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Taking care of your horse’s health with a horse walker

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Does your horse get sufficient exercise all year through?

Horse walkers are a great addition to both private and commercial equestrian centres providing benefits to both horses and owners. There are many stand out benefits for using a horse walker particularly with young horses or with horses in rehabilitation after injury.

The use of a horse walker as an additional form of exercise means that horses can have extra time and activity from the stable saving lots of time along the way.

So, you have a horse walker…what next?

A horse walker is commonly used to provide your horses with sufficient exercise. When a horse stays in a stable all day or even out in the field, the horse doesn’t naturally move enough. Adding a horse walker to be part of your daily routine helps to ensure your horse stays fit and healthy.


Top benefits for a horse walker.

  • A horse walker provides a horse with plenty of exercise even when its not possible for a horse to run freely due to diverse circumstances or time constraints.


  • The addition of a horse walker allows you to provide extra training to your horse.


  • A horse will get into better shape using a horse walker, and on top of this it helps to reduce the chances of the horse getting injured.


  • When a horse is injured, the horse walker can be a controlled environment to let horses take the first steps back to full recovery.


  • If you compete, then a horse walker is a perfect piece of equipment to get your horse ready for competition.


Why should you opt for a horse walker?

The short answer is that using a horse walker saves you time and gives your horse extra exercise which for most is an essential. In addition, a horse walker serves as a tool for warming up and cooling down, and for those with more than one horse, there are some positive efficiency benefits enabling you to train multiple horses at the same time.


Is a horse walker a worthwhile investment?

Used correctly a horse walker offers many advantages — it is a great time-saver while also benefiting the horse.

A horse walker may seem monotonous and impersonal, but most horses seem to adapt quickly and appear happy. In the winter months, when time is short, many yards find their walker extremely useful.


Making the right choice – Molenkoning

Cheval Liberté are proud to be partnered with market-leading Dutch company Molenkoning – the King of Horse Walkers.  The Molenkoning range of horse walkers are designed for use in most equestrian set-ups and yards from small private stables through to larger professional yards.

Customers choose Molenkoning for its high-end quality, versatility, design, and innovation, and with the expert support of Cheval Liberté UK and Ireland, you can have peace of mind that your new horse walker will meet all your needs and requirements.

For July, Cheval Liberté can guarantee a delivery of your new Molenkoning horse walker to anywhere in the UK and Ireland within a week.

To find out more and explore your options, call our Horse Health expert today on 07810 451346 or email – our Cheval Liberté team will be happy to help and guide you towards your new Molenkoning Horse Walker.


Cheval Liberté has been supporting the UK and Ireland equestrian markets for over 20 years and is today considered to be one of the most trusted equestrian partners in the UK & Ireland.