Horse Walker Fence Options

At Molenkoning we are experts at building equine exercisers. We have a wide range of Horse Walker fence options to help you build your dream Horse Walker.

Beo-band Fence

Beo-band is a black, 10cm wide polyester band, with a PVC coating which can withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius without damage. You can have as many lines of Beo-band as you want, with 2/3 being the most popular choice. We will cut the rolls of Beo-band to the right size to make one line of your fence in one go.

The fence is secured using treated wood posts as standard, this is wood from European conifers that has had a special treatment. The preservation of the wood is done with a special process, in which the active substances penetrate deep into the wood under a strong vacuum. Alternatively you can use Nobifix posts which have been treated and will preserve the posts for at least 25 years.

Sweden Fence

Are you looking for a natural looking fence for your horse walker?
We only use treated wood which is protected from the damaging effects of microorganisms, insects and the weather.

There are 2 options;

Standard Treatment Process: The impregnation process is carried out by using autoclave, where chemicals are impregnated into timber using vacuum and pressure and creates a characteristic greenish tone to the wood.

Nobifix: This revolutionary new treatment has a red tone and will preserve the quality of the wood of your fence for at least 25 years. The wood is preserved by active substances penetrating deep into the wood under a strong vacuum.

In both cases, our wooden fences are environmentally friendly and, unlike some wood processing technologies, harmless to humans and animals.

The Sweden fence is one of our most popular enclosures due to it’s traditional and authentic equestrian fencing style.

Round Fence

The round fence is produced upon request which allows the customer to choose every detail. From the colour of the planks, height of the fence or number of doors it’s your decision.

What are the options for this fence?

  • Our Round Fence is a steel framed fence constructed as a circle frame to the radius of the walker. While a standard round fence is available, our customers can personalise this fence.
  • Height of the fence is boarded up to 1300mm as standard, but 1500mm are also available, which are recommended for youngstock, big horses or stallions. We can also add an additional bar, raised 250mm above the boards, to provide extra height.
  • A solid concrete base is needed to fix this fence to but don’t worry, Molenkoning have you covered. We can provide foundations prefabricated to do this. If you don’t want to prepare concrete bases to anchor these fences or if you would like to be able to remove every part of this fence in the future, don’t miss out on our prefab curbs – please contact us for further information on these.
  • Our Recycled plastic boards which have a ‘wood look’ effect to them are used as standard, but we also can offer timber boards at our customer request.
  • The Round Fence can also be utilised as a lunge pen.

To discuss your Horse Walker fence requirements and further options, contact our Horse Walker specialist on 07810 451346.

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