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2 Horse Trailer Review – Touring Country vs Maxi 2

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When choosing your 2 Horse Trailer, there are many factors to take into consideration before commiting to purchase your Equine’s new wheels.

Both the Cheval Liberté Touring Country and Maxi 2 Horse Trailers feature the signature Pullman2 suspension with anodised aluminium sides, an aerodynamic coloured fibreglass front and roof, sides windows for optimal ventilation, a whole host of accessories and are built to the high quality levels you’d expect from Cheval Liberté. So what are the main differences between the two?

The Touring Country with Tack Room is our best seller and provides a forward facing, 2 stall horse trailer with the tack room enclosed within the trailer standing area. This can be accessed by dropping the ramp, providing additional security whilst at shows. The built-in tack room is surprisingly accommodating for the small amount of space it takes up in the horse area. You can fit the spare wheel (included and stored as standard in to base of the tack room with a solid cover) a water container/buckets, 2 full sized saddles, 2 bridle hooks, and a basket at the top to store accessories. The front partition swings right back (as shown in the first picture below), allowing plenty of room for unloading or with one horses tacking up within the trailer.

The Maxi 2 horse trailer offers a similar travelling style and layout to a horsebox with the fully adjustable telescopic herringbone partitions, but with the advantage of having a front ramp. This enables the user to take the horse at the front out via the front ramp, and back horse rear ramp, or indeed unload both using the front or rear ramp, eliminating the need for shuffling horses around. Similarly to the Touring Country, the Maxi 2‘s partitions allow a great amount of movement to be able to take travel boots off or tack up within the box on those rainy days! Some horses prefer the herringbone partition configuration, partly due to preference in travel direction and with the manoeuvrability of the partitions allowing more room for the horses to find their travelling stance, but also some like the partitions as close as possible for stability.

Another key point for the Maxi 2, is that the walk-in Tack room is the width of the trailer, with 2 saddle racks and Bridle hooks, room for any extras (we’ve seen these with shavings and mucker buckets in when staying away!) including walk space – you can easily get changed in there! It is accessed separately to the horses standing area, again akin to a horsebox with external lockers.

So how do they compare?

Touring Country Maxi 2
Tack Room LocationWithin the Horse AreaAccessed separately from outside
Unloaded Weight900kg960kg
Stall AreaAdjustable length by moving
breast / back bars
Fully adjustable length and width
Travel DirectionForwardHerringbone
Head PartitionFull Head PartitionHead Partition with Bars
Grooms Door Full Height DoorNo Grooms Door

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