Tips to keep your Horse safe in the Stables

We have compiled a few tips to keep your horse safe in the stables;

Secure Feed Areas

Make sure that any hard feed and supplements are stored away and in a secure space. Think about the possibility of your horse escaping it’s stable in the night, could it get into the feed bins and gorge on hard feed or worse un-soaked feed which if eaten without being soaked would swell in the stomach with catastrophic consequences? Whilst dustbins are great for storing feed in, where possible add additional security, such as a bungee tie over the top or a metal feed bin with a latch which could not be easily opened.


Ensure your hay nets are tied up high enough that the horse cannot get it’s hoof or catch it’s shoe in the netting. Alternatively, integrated Hay Racks are a great solution to keeping your horses safe and saving you time refilling hay nets. A real Win – Win situation! 

Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting is a great option for providing a non slip surface and cushioned floor. This aids the horses joints whilst standing and prevents them from scrapping their legs on the concrete during rolling. Equally if you don’t have a hard surface area, rubber matting can provide a great hard standing on top of grass or hardcore.

Clean Stables

Routinely pick out your horses hooves before entering the stable. This way you can check for any embedded stones or foreign objects and it will prevent mud and stones entering the bedding.

Make sure the beds are regularly poo picked and any damp removed. By keeping your horses bedding clean it will reduce the amount of flies and any respiratory issues which may occur due to wet beds. Also try and keep wheelbarrows emptied and muck heaps as far away from the stables as possible.

Bedding and Hay

Make sure when purchasing it, that the bedding and hay are as dust free as possible. Always check hay for any mouldy bits and if found, discarded them immediately so they are not fed to the horses.


Also ensure there is adequate ventilation to prevent any respiratory issues. If you don’t have any windows, you can add shutters or plexiglass windows to any existing buildings. These allow airflow through the stables and natural light – which can help reduce electricity bills! 

Aggressive Stable Mates

Some horses don’t enjoy being stabled or can become easily agitated. They can unnerve their stable mates by banging the door and biting them as they are passing the stable doors. Top Doors are an option which can be fitted retrospectively. This offers the flexibility to be closed during times when horses are passing or during agitated moments, a prime example being awaiting feed times.

Final Checks

Before leaving the yard, it’s good practise to do a few last minute checks. Cast your eyes back and make sure the stable doors are bolted and kick bolts have been applied. Additionally, if you reside away from the stables, security cameras in stables offer great peace of mind! 

Horse safe in stable

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