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Three-step guide to preparing your horse to travel

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Preparing your horse to travel is generally fairly simple. Here is a 3 step guide to help.

  1. The temperature of your Horse- Post grooming it is important to keep your horse at a comfortable temperature. Begin with a base, breathable rug (good for the summer months as well). For clipped horses follow with a slightly thicker but still breathable rug with one strap so if you need to remove it in the trailer, you can easily. Make sure you don’t use rugs with leg straps if you expect to change or remove them in transit!
  2. Tail bandage & guard- If you’ve committed a lot of time getting your horsetail immaculate the last thing you want is it getting muddy and you don’t want it to rub in transit. Making sure the horse is aware, place the tail over your shoulder and working from top to middle wrap the bandage reasonably firmly around. Follow this with a guard if going for a long journey as the horse is likely to sit and rest.
  3. Travel Boots- Offering ultimate protection travel boots are quick and easy to put on and off and save your horse prevents injury from the knee to heel when traveling. Be very careful when using hind boots, especially younger horses can be very agitated with this if this is the case try bandages instead!

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