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Comparing Double Horse Trailers

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Cheval Liberté UK supply a range of double horse trailers, available with fitted Tack Rooms, and each offering something different. 


The best-selling Touring Country has been a firm favourite for several years. With horses travelling facing forwards and enough stall room to accommodate up to 16.2hh horses, this trailer appeals to the masses. The undisputable top feature is the optional full height, lockable fitted Tack Room.  This is supplied with 2 saddle racks, 2 bridle hooks, top basket and door hung pockets. The Tack Room is a real asset to the trailer, and also to your towing vehicle by housing all your equipment and horse hair in the trailer! 

TOURING XL with Tack Room

The newly released Touring XL has been a huge hit, with many being pre-sold ahead of it’s UK arrival. An upscaled version of the Touring Country, the Touring XL is capable of carrying two 17.2hh horses and is therefore taller, wider and longer than it’s predecessor. It can be fitted with the same spec Tack Room as the Touring Country, but with slightly more room due to the wider internal space. 


With a change of direction, the Maxi 2 travels it’s equine passengers in a herringbone position. This is a popular option for horses used to travelling in horseboxes or who don’t enjoy travelling or standing in forward facing trailers with a breast bar. 

All of the above trailers feature the signature Pullman2 Suspension, providing a smoother ride and handling. They also have the 2-in1 combination rear ramp/barn door, which provides two loading access options. To ensure maximum comfort, especially during the hotter weather, they all include sliding side windows and also in the grooms door (tack room door on Maxi2) and Front ramp top windows.

So how do the Double Horse Trailers compare size wise? 

  Internal Length Internal Height Internal Width Unladen Weight Max Gross Weight  External Length
TOURING COUNTRY 3200mm 2300mm 1670mm 900kg 2600kg 4470mm
TOURING XL  3690mm 2380mm 1810mm 970kg 2600kg 4970mm
MAXI 2 3780mm 2250mm 1810mm 960kg 2600kg 5030mm


For a visual comparison between the two Touring models, please see below images. 

Rear view touring double horse trailers Touring Xl and Touring Country Double Horse Trailers  Length difference of Touring Double Horse Trailers Showing length difference of Touring Double Horse Trailers Inside Touring Country and Touring XL

For horse driving enthusiasts, Cheval Liberté also provide a double horse trailer with a carriage platform on the front. The Hippomobile is available with a Tack Room and offers the same high spec and comfortable ride as the rest of the double horse trailer range. 

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Cheval Liberté has been supporting the UK and Ireland equestrian markets for over 20 years and is today considered to be one of the most trusted equestrian partners in the UK & Ireland.