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A three-step guide to buying a horse trailer

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What to consider buying a horse trailer

The security and comfort of your horse are paramount for successful transporting. This Guide To Buying a Horse Trailer details the main points to consider.

1. The right trailer for your horse

Be sure to measure them from tip to tail and shoulder to shoulder to make sure any trailer you’re looking at is a good fit. Remember, in order to balance your horse needs to be able to spread its legs and use its neck and head. If the stall space is too short, the horse must balance itself with their right front and left hind legs when accelerating and decelerating, causing soreness, fatigue and even lameness over a prolonged time. Enough headroom is vital, pick a trailer that allows for your horses’ full height over the largest span, some manufacturers only consider the peak of a curved roof as it’s maximum height. Here at Cheval, we take this into consideration, our squared trailers front means that no matter were your horse stands they’ll have optimal headspace. The more space you can allow above your horse the less closed in they’ll feel, and it allows for better ventilation.

2. The right trailer for you

Not only does a trailer have to be comfortable for your horse or horses, but can be towed safely behind your vehicle, hold all your horse gear and work with your lifestyle. With a wide range of trailer sizes from single horse trailers to four horse diagonal loading trailers, know your needs and towing capabilities. Transporting a horse can be challenging depending on the nature of their character, trailers have features that can maximise comfort and build a good relationship between your horse and the trailer, making it easy to load. Key features to look for include-

  • Access: wide entries, lows steps, and steady ramps.
  • Padding: points of contact between horse and trailer should be cushioned.
  • Windows & Hatches: quality vision to encourage calmness and willingness to enter.
  • Ease of operation: quick, smooth and quiet latches to keep the horse calm.
  • Suspension: Optimal shock absorption for gentle travelling.

3. Loading and Unloading

As many of us know, loading and unloading our horse/s can be difficult, but there are features that can make a big difference. Step up trailers are industry standard, they can work well for loading if the height of the step is comfortable for the horse. However, it’s important that the trailer has a front ramp, if not the horse will have to back out, making it susceptible to slipping or scrambling that will increase the chance of injury.

Loading ramps with low, gradual slopes, made with a non-slip, sturdy surface and that is assisted by springs and so easy to lift offer superior loading for you and your horse. Match this loading ramp with an alike front ramp and the horse can be loaded and unloaded in many configurations and be walked through the trailer effortlessly. Our Touring Country double horse trailer is fitted with our combination door, front ramp, and tack room – meaning you can alter it to work for both horses being transported and still have the space for all your gear.

Cheval Liberté has been supporting the UK and Ireland equestrian markets for over 20 years and is today considered to be one of the most trusted equestrian partners in the UK & Ireland.