7 Top Tips for Getting Back Out Competing Again in 2021 | From A Young British Equestrian

1. I think the most important top tip for getting out competing again is to take it steady, there is no rush to get straight back out to the level you left off. Remember your horse needs time to get fit again and to get out of training before being thrown straight in at the deep end. It’s important to remember everyone is in the same boat at the moment!
2. Make sure you’re feeding the appropriate diet for the work your horse is in, don’t feed your 14.1 laminitic pony straight oats because that’s what the warmblood on your yard is having to go out and compete at BE intermediate. Figure out what’s right for your horse for the workload they are in, and the level they’re competing at.
3. Make sure all your tack is in safe, working order. Over lockdown, tack may have been neglected and not cleaned or checked as much as during the season. It is paramount to ensure all tack is safe!
4. Getting your saddle checked before getting out competing again is also so important to your horse’s performance. Your horse is likely to have changed shape over winter and lockdown (as I think we all have) so getting your saddle checked will ensure they are happy and comfortable and able to perform to the best of their ability!
5. Let’s talk about transport (very apt) please please make sure your trailer or lorry is serviced, MOT’d and safe. Having recently had a scare with my own horse whilst travelling this is something I am very passionate about! If you are wanting to upgrade your transport, check out Cheval Liberte’s trailers.
6. As well as your horse’s fitness, make sure your fit! This is so so important, especially when competing in any endurance disciplines such as Eventing, If you are not fit enough to pilot your horse around the whole XC course, then do not enter! It can become unsafe for both horse and rider if you aren’t able to steer and set up your horse properly!
7. Get in quick to all your events, with lockdown and no one being able to get out, everyone is very eager. You’re likely to miss out if you don’t get on it and ahead of the game!
That’s all from me for today, have a great season guys, and stay safe!!
Written By Elisha Beehoo, LegUpForTalent

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