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New MAXI Living Horse Trailer

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The Maxi Living Horse Trailer is a herringbone partitioned two large horse (three smaller horses) or three-pony trailer, with two telescopic adjustable partitions. At present the spacious living area is only supplied unfitted. This empty space is ready to be customised for each individual owners personal requirements. Each customer will have different needs due to their personal circumstances. For competitors staying away, a bed, toilet and shower may be a necessity. In comparison, a rider using the trailer for day use may prefer more seating for hosting friends. There are also reputable conversion companies our Nationwide distributors can recommend to kit these out for customers.

Here’s one we made earlier…

The above video shows the original prototype from Cheval Liberté. This version houses a fridge, shower, toilet, hob, microwave, sink, clothes rail, storage and bed. We are currently working on other prototype Maxi Living models to release a standardised living area at a later date. Watch this space!


For those who are familiar with the sizing of the Maxi trailers, the Maxi living is built on a Maxi 4 chassis. The living area then takes the space of the tack area and first horse stall. Thus making the trailer akin to a Maxi 3, but with the larger living area instead of a walk in Tack room. 

Maxi Living Horse Trailer

Signature Pullman Suspension

As standard with all Cheval Liberté horse trailers, the Maxi Living Horse Trailer runs on the signature Pullman Suspension System. This offers superb handling and towing combined with a much smoother ride for the horses, perfect for nervous travellers. 

Which colour will you choose?

As with all Cheval Liberte trailers, the Maxi Living features an anodised aluminium planking sides and an aerodynamic polyester coloured front and roof. which is available in; Black, Blue Grey, Green and White.


To find out more about the MAXI living, please contact your local distributor  

Cheval Liberté has been supporting the UK and Ireland equestrian markets for over 20 years and is today considered to be one of the most trusted equestrian partners in the UK & Ireland.