Emergency Stabling after Storm Damage

How to accommodate horses in an emergency

We would like to share some tips on what to do if your stables are damaged and where to find emergency stables to keep your horse comfortable and safe.

Temporary Emergency Stables

Temporary Emergency Stables

Due to the unexpected extreme weather we suffer from in the UK, storms, high winds and heavy rain can damage stables without warning. Riverbanks burst and fields become lakes in a matter of minutes. This can potentially put your horses at risk; its crucial to know how to prepare, handle and recover from your flooded stables.

What to do immediately when your stable is flooding or damaged by high winds

  • In a flood it is important to immediately turn off the electric, water and gas supplies in your stables.
  • Ensure that all horses are moved away from the flood as flooded ground can be detrimental to their physical health. They can develop skin infections and limb swelling from standing in contaminated water for long periods of time.
  • Make sure your hay is stored high off the floor. It can’t be fed to horses once it comes into contact with contaminated flood water.
  • Ensure you have the necessary emergency phone numbers and services so that you have prompt advice and help on your situation.

How to recover from flooded and damaged stables

The idea of having nowhere to secure your horses whilst repairing your stables and draining your fields is daunting. Horse tents are a possible option for short-term shade and shelter. They are lightweight and flexible, making them very mobile and easy to assemble. However in the cases of bad weather they may not be the most competent or suitable course of action.

Emergency stables on stilts for flooded areas

Emergency stables on stilts for flooded areas

Temporary stabling is more robust and makes an ideal solution;

  • Temporary stables are easy to assemble, disassemble and move, making a quick and convenient replacement for your damaged stables.
  • It is beneficial to recognise how robust temporary stables are, in case another storm or continuous extreme weather conditions bring further risk of damage.
  • No planning permission is required as emergency stables are a non-permanent, mobile structure. 
  • Emergency stables can accommodate your horses safely for a few days or weeks, giving you time to recover from the detriment without worrying about your horses’ health and wellbeing.
  • Temporary stables can be rented or purchased and installed at very short notice.

How to prepare for flooding and damage to stabling

It is advised that you invest in flood defences so that you can be confident that your horses are safe in the future, especially if you are susceptible to flooding, living by a river or on a flood plain. Some useful tips and products to consider include:

  • Having sandbags at your disposal makes dealing with minor flooding cheap and effective.
  • Treating your timber with a microporous wood stain and sealing your brick work on your stables.
  • Installing deep flow guttering into your stable yard to drain floodwater quickly.
  • Water extraction pumps are ideal to remove standing water on fields and stables efficiently so that your horses can return to a dry environment sooner.

At Cheval Liberté we have a wealth of experience in temporary stabling for every occasion. Our emergency stables are robust, designed to be used and reused for many years. We hold lots in stock for large events so can respond quickly if your stables are unexpectedly damaged. In addition we  work with our sister company Ground Access Hire to provide temporary floor matting and secure fencing.

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