Do Horses Need A Stable?

Although inherently, your horse might be most comfortable being outdoors 24/7, as an owner we continue to juggle the struggles of maintaining a happy and healthy horse in a convenient way for us. When considering ‘Do Horses Need A Stable’ It’s important to remember that we demand much more from our four-legged friends than we did in the time before stabling.

  1. Providing essential protection, stabling offers horse owners the opportunity to always be one step ahead of our ever-changing British weather. Ensuring comfort for your horse when the natural sheltering their field provides, such as trees and shrubbery just isn’t enough. Any space can be the perfect solution to achieving your horses dream stable.
  2.  A well-constructed and maintained stable can offer your horse a place of safety that it finds comforting. Although horses can bear temperatures significantly lower than humans, it is important that when they seek warmth the opportunity is there. Although stables tend to possess the same temperature as the outside, it is the straw bedding, feed, freshwater and protection from chilling wind and snow that they can offer a horse that makes them well worth an investment. This teamed with the ability to keep the stable properly ventilated with adequate drainage, clean and as dust-free as possible will secure the health of your horse and let them be the best version of them they can be.
  3. Offering the opportunity to effortlessly control of your horses’ diet, stabling can restrict your horse from overindulging on particularly luscious and healthy pastures in the kindest of ways. Not only does monitoring consumption reduce the likelihood of overweight caused illnesses such as laminitis but it will ensure optimum health and performance of your horse.  It is this health that is a horse owners’ main priority, but if we can match it with convenience for us as owners, then why not? Stabled horses tend to be clean, well-kept and easily accessible when you want to ride and are less prone to injury than those who are left out with other horses. Teamed with an equally active outdoor routine, stabling is very convenient for an owner while being equally as beneficial for their horse.
  4. Like people, horses all have their own personalities, and no one understands their horse better than its owner. With each having their likes and dislikes, stabling can be tailored to work for your horse meeting their needs and wants. If they like spending much of a day in the company of others, then you can stable them in a sociable space in which they can hear and see other horses. Whereas if they prefer their own company then a quiet, isolated stall or location can provide the peacefulness that brings the ultimate comfort in which they can rest and feel safe.

There are many options for stabling your horse or horses from internal partition and frontages to American barns, you can pick the best option for your horse, day-to-day operations and budget.  Here at Cheval Liberté, we pride ourselves on working with you as a horse owner to source the best option for you, no matter what that may be. Send us an enquiry or ring us today!

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