Starbox is a unique type of temporary stabling which are automatic and fast to erect due to the Starbox patented system.

The Starbox is delivered to its location as flat pack modules of four stalls, and assembly of which is simple and very rapid. An unbelievable 192 boxes can be assembled in just over two hours. They are made of very robust highly resistant polypropylene plastic panels meeting the FEI standards. With spacious stalls of 3m x 3m in size with a 40cm overhang, and with their generous roofing system, our Starbox Stables offer excellent ventilation!

Each stall has a large modern door of 1.10-metre width with a rounded top frame for ease of access. The door securely closes with the aid of a top spring-loaded bolt and a lower kick bolt. The Starbox door is also available with an anti weave grill.

Why Choose Cheval Starbox Temporary Stabling?

  • Assembled in minutes from a ‘flat-pack’
  •  Flexible side panels and roof are strong enough to accommodate horses safely, yet keep the weight to a minimum for easy handling
  •  Roof material 660g/sq. metre
  •  Galvanised steel framework for maximum durability
  •  Doors pre-mounted in frames with hinges and spring bolts
  •  ‘V’ grill doors available as an option
  •  Can be set up inline or back to back
  •  Stall dimensions 3x3m


Working with Equestrian Events

Cheval Starbox UK, building long-term relationships with equestrian events since 2005!

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