Horse Solariums

Your horses are athletes, and athletes need to be in optimal condition but are also are likely to endure injuries! At the forefront of therapeutic heat treatment, our Horse Solariums can play a vital role in rehabilitation.

The Molenkoning Horse Solarium is dedicated to improving the well-being of a horse, focusing on the development of its physical, emotional, and physiological state.

Why use a Molenkoning Horse Solarium?

  • Promotion of full relaxation and recovery after training
  • Faster drying process which reduces the falling ill
  • Improves elasticity of the muscles. It is highly recommended as a “warm up” before training or a competition.
  • Better physical and psychological condition
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Healthy, shiny coat
  • Improved skin condition
  • Less muscular pain in the saddle area
  • Relief from sore or tender backs
  • Increased blood and oxygen supply

The infrared lights in our horse solariums are proven to improve circulation, helping the rapid absorption of sugar by the muscles and the quick disposal of lactic acid; as a result, the performance of the horse is vastly improved.

Our solarium features 20 (Pro Solarium) infrared lamps. Each lighting segment is furnished with 5 lamps and 2 ventilators. The infra-red lamps are not damaged by the damp environment generated from the horse, due to the open construction of the system. Fresh air is drawn through the back of the solarium and is passed through the lamp conduits thus creating a dual function; cooling the lamps whilst drying the horse quickly.

Technical Data

  • 220-240 Volt 50Hz / 60Hz – 3088 Watt
  • Separate 16A group with earth leakage circuit breaker 1P+N C16
  • 8 ventilators
  • 20 Lamps only 150 Watt
  • Weight 60 Kg.

Horse Solarium Installation

Most of our customers install the solarium themselves. All our products come with all you need including tools for assembly and a step-by-step installation manual.

At MK we recommend a distance between the solarium lamps and the horse’s withers of at least 50 cm. Therefore, the height of the hanging must allow this safety distance. At MK we have an automatic lifting system to regulate the distance between the solarium lamps and the horse’s withers.

Installation Service

We offer a full installation service for all of our products throughout the UK and Europe

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