Horse Exercisers, Training & Rehabilitation

We are proud to partner with Molenkoning and Drimee to bring a wide range of quality Horse Exercisers, Training & Rehabilitation Equipment to the UK & Irish Market.

The wide range of models make them an ideal choice for small stables to large professional yards. The walkers are excellent value for money, easy to maintain and have proven very reliable operating in demanding situations. Starting from a 4 horse walker available to purchase without any fencing, up to a state of the art skywalker with lunge pen centre, we cater for every budget.

Drimee is a UK Manufacturer based in Sheffield. Their modern Equestrian Solariums bring innovation to the industry. 


By partnering with Molenkoning and Drimee we offer a range of products designed for improving the well-being of horses and provide health and training benefits. These are established proven market leading products.

Horse Exercisers

Horse Walker

  • Easy to operate
  • Safe for your horses
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • First class service
  • High quality craftmanship & materials
  • High return on investment
  • Range of sizes & designs

Molenkoning -“the king of horse walkers” – was founded in 1995 by the de Swart family in the Netherlands. Molenkoning offers a wide range of equestrian products which provide health and training benefits. The popular Self-Assembly Horse Waker, is an international bestseller.

Molenkoning are an innovative company. They constantly strive to develop and improve their products to meet and exceed the high expectations of customers and continue to provide an exemplary service and product.

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MK Horsewalkers

Innovative design with your horse comfort and well-being in mind. 


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