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Become a Distributor

Join the Cheval Liberté UK and Ireland Group and become a distributor.

Cheval Liberté are always on the look out for talented and passionate people to join our UK and Ireland team of Cheval Liberté distributor.

Become a Distributor

Here are five reasons to consider for being a Cheval Liberté distributor.

Professional Reputation

Cheval Liberté is Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality horse trailers and stabling.

Cheval Liberté have been supporting the UK and Ireland equestrian market for over 20 years and are today considered to be one of the most trusted equestrian partners around.

Product Range

The extensive Cheval Liberté product range offers many opportunities for a successful and profitable business.

Cheval Liberté is committed to owning the market leader position in the equestrian market which is reflected in the innovative and high-quality product portfolio.

Profitable Terms and Conditions

Cheval Liberté ensures that all the UK and Ireland distributor network are provided with best possible payment terms, commission system, and promotions and activity which is closely aligned to current market conditions.

Professional Advice

As a Cheval Liberté distributor, you’ll benefit from a wealth of expertise and experience gained from over 20 years in the UK and Ireland equestrian market.

Cheval Liberté guarantees that mutually agreed goals are achieved through continuous support and care provided by the Cheval Liberté team of experts.

Essential Start-Up Support

Cheval Liberté offers exceptional start-up support to ensure that from the outset, life as a distributor can quickly become a reality.

The Cheval Liberté support package is designed to support a new distributor with all of the essential tools to help achieve all of the business goals and ambitions.

Become a Distributor

Still interested?

Cheval Liberté is always looking for committed trading partners to expand the Cheval Liberté UK and Ireland distributor network. Cheval Liberté is seeking people with an entrepreneurial outlook, technical experience, highly motivated, and with the vision to make the most of economic opportunities.

You should have an effective and efficient approach and you must be prepared to expand the business significantly with the Cheval Liberté market leading product range.


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Cheval Liberté has been supporting the UK and Ireland equestrian markets for over 20 years and is today considered to be one of the most trusted equestrian partners in the UK & Ireland.